Salute Your Shorts Episode Guide
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Salute Your Shorts Episode Guide

This --so far-- is the episode guide, which will not be finished for a while. Note: the shows for which I have done guides for are in NO particular order.
#1: This is the first episode ever, where Michael is new to camp. The other characters seem to have already been at camp. Donkey Lips and Budnick are best friends. As Michael is trying to make friends, Budnick forces him and Sponge to go raid the girls' bunk, bringing back items from each girl. In the process, they break Telly's glasses, and try to cover it up. In the end, Telly and Michael become good friends, and Michael becomes "popular" with the rest of the other characters, except the jealous Budnick.
#2: ZEEK THE PLUMBER. My personal favorite episode. Budnick tells a "scary" story about Zeek the plumber, a janitor missing his nose that haunts camp. The story had impact on Telly and Michael, which causes Budnick to tease them to no end. So, they make a bet w/ Budnick, and he has to stay in the spot where Zeek died for one night. Budnick plans out everything, and exposes the kids deliberatly trying to scare him, but in the end he is scared by spiders. Budnick becomes their personal "slave". Ug Lee plays a great Zeek.
#3 BASKETBALL. Telly tries to get a team together to play the Hurricanes in a 3 game basketball tournament. None of the characters have much enthusiasm, until Budnick steals the Hurricanes' playbook, and makes all the great plays. He takes Telly's place as captain. She finds out about the playbook, and steals it, so Budnick can't win by cheating. They play the 3rd game fairly, (after losing 1st game, winning 2nd) but lose when Budnick takes a greedy shot and misses, when Michael is wide open.
#4 TENNIS. Telly tries to defeat Scotty Rex in tennis, while throwing away her raquet, and getting a new one from Budnick. He asks her to throw the game so he can make money gambling on the game, but Telly uses her old raquet to defeat Scotty. At the same time, Sponge is collecting ants for his giant ant farm. This episode featured neither Pinsky nor Michael.
#5 WRESTLING. On a quest to join the wresting team (for a free lobster dinner), Sponge and Donkey Lips don't meet the weight requirements. So Sponge has to gain weight, while Donkey lips has to lose it. While Budnick tries to use them to smuggle hamburgers into camp while on a jog for exercise. Telly is their coach.