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This is my baby. There does not seem to be alot of 79' AMX SPIRITS around so I decided to start a homepage dedicated to mine. Sorry that this site is a little bare, information on this car is hard to come by.

As you can see from the hood scoop my car is not exactely original.I have tried to keep it mild looking but I have improvements that I want to make.I have some pictures of the car. They aren't very impresive but considering my amount of time and money I have, I think I have done a good job so far.

So far the changes I have made are minor.The hood scoop you see in the picture on the back ground,the trans mission, rims and engine, are the only changes so far. All of the parts are AMC still they just are'nt original for this car.

The engine was originally a 304 now upgraded to a 360 with a mild cam aluminum intake 750 dual line holly,and big valve heads.Pretty tame, ran mid 14's. Futer plans are to add a 401 and go as far as I can and still be dependable. I did upgrade the charging system to crystler,just seemed easyer to maintain that way.

The transmission was originally a t-4, I traded it out for a 727 tourque flight with a stall converter from Summit racing.The trans was totally re-worked by a genius from Jersey named Ziggy It has full racing clutches and a manual valve body from cheeta. The trans is a little too beefed up for the engine I admit but, it was planned to be able to control my future powerplant the 401.


A new re-end(twin grip of coarse) I just need to ditch those 287 gears


Wanted side lovers for 1979 AMX SPIRIT and any fiberglass flares or front airdam.Any stickers also like one on hood in picture below.

Any information please click on mailbox below.

Some pictures just to fill up space.

AMX FLAME cool picture

ME visiting in IDAHO


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