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Red Alert Files

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Welcome to my Red Alert Files Page. Here I will hope to have editors, sounds, maps, utilities and much much more...You will need Winzipto compress these files. If you have any questions just email me.


RaEdit.zipThis editor lets you edit anything Red Alert
Red-ed.zipThis DOS editor allows editing to most aspects of the game

Patches & Cheats

RAMoney.zipThis file lets you edit the game.dat file to give you $65,535 everytime you play. Only in DOS mode though.
RARules2.zipThis cheat enables unlimited money in single player mode.
RACheat.zipThis the first cheat to be sent. It claims to allow modification of all Red Alert settings. I personally haven't tried it. Use at your own risk.
Red Alert-- Hyper Editionv3.01So far the best rules.ini I've ever seen: easy to install, new units -- Tesla Tanks, stealth vehicles, it's a whole new strategy.So far the best rules.ini I've ever seen: easy to install, new units -- Tesla Tanks, stealth vehicles, it's a whole new strategy.
RedRulesEditorv2.0.zipThis shareware editor will do ANYTHING for Red Alert. After you register it...$12
cy-mcv.zipAn .INI file which lets your Construction Yard turn back into an MCV..
ra hack.zipSupposedly this will let you run Red Alert without the CD... Let me know..
rarules2.zipAn editor which lets you manually adjust every single game setting. Via an .INI file.
rededt32.zipThis is a new editor, I recommend you guys check it out. This is the 32-bit version..
redp.zipThis is a new editor, It will change the price of any unit.t.
rdalch10.zipIt will change the .ini file, with a graphical interface..
mapguide.zipThis is The Unoffical RAMapguide For Red Alert.
ral9510h.zipThis is the Unoffical Red Alert Launcher.
ragold.zipAn excellent resource for use with Red Alert.
rahacker.zipLets you run Red Alert from the hard drive without CD. Haven't tried email me if its good Dakotas Rules.ini
ramoney2.zipGives you money for Win95
ratmpsg.zipRed Alert trainer for DOS
126x126.zip126x126 map not available in terrain editor.
anim.zipVideo ripper for all of Command and Conquer
totalwar1.zipRules.ini sent in haven't tried tell me how it is.
ultra.zipAnother rules.ini sent in for me to post. email if good.
RAGSCENP.ZIPA scenario editor which allows you to create your own single player missions for red alert.Full visual editing!
FLAMING.ZIPFlaming war mission was the first home-made mission at Internet and it is the most played Red Alert mission.
REVOLUTI.ZIPFamous MultiPlayer Mappack which contains five revolutionary map with buildings, units, mines, barrels and other stuff
FIRELINE.ZIPFirst Beta version of fireline campaign which contains 11 missions,attractive storyline, new buildings and units,new graphics,new sound effects,two EVA commentators, an easy-to-use installation program & best of all it's free!
RAMIX50.ZIPOver 5900 offsets!, Optimized RA-MIXer a lot, Offsets for Aftermath!, AUD detection, AUD Player (AUDPLAY 0.9b, ADD-ON), change description while you're in RA-MIXer, even stores filenames , MPR detection (for muliplayer maps and missions), MPR Viewer (RAMVIEW 1.2 PRO, ADD-ON), Filemanager improved, Tag/Untag files ,Delete tagged files,PCX viewer improved (max. res: 2560x4096),SHP2PCX 1.1 (by Vladan Bato), RA-HD Installer 1.4 (GERMAN/ENGLISH/FRENCH),BBS Ready (with "FILE_ID.DIZ"), Offset file v5.00 (NEWMIX.OFS)
AUPLAY09.ZIPAUD Player was actually developed for use in the new RA-MIXer 5.0, but you can also use it without RA-MIXer! AUD Player 0.9 works with all Soundblaster types (including the "good old" Soundblaster 1.0) and with all 100% SB compatible cards. If you're using a Gravis Ultrasound card, try to load a Soundblaster emulation!
RMVIEW12.ZIPRA-MAP View was written to view mission and multiplayer maps! It's great for a "QUICK-VIEW" of a map.... (loading EDWIN.EXE or EDDOS.EXE would take much more time). Please note, that RA-MAP View 1.2 PRO doesn't show the overlays like ore, gem stones, units and buildings. [All graphics included in this version are Copyright by Westwood!]
RAMIX.ZIPUpdate for RA-MIXer 2.x/3.0/4 to 5.00.
RAMC.ZIPRed Alert Mission Compiler Builds complete, full-featured single player missions automatically from simple English text. Create your missions 5-10 times faster than ever before! Easy to learn and use. Lightning fast runtime. Language is FULLY customizable. Performs full syntax checking. Comprehensive documentation included. Best of all, it's FREEWARE.
CYBER3.ZIPCyber Alert version 3.0, a new rules modification with new graphics,icons & units like tesla tank,super tesla tank,superjet,nuclear submarine,nuclear power plant and more!This is a must get!Fixed some bugs from previous version to make it more realistic!Get this now!
RAEDIT2.ZIPThis pack which includes the rules.ini file, the scenario creation guide, overlays map, counterstrike guide, RACK tutorial and RA files formats guide. Version 2 also includes the program FINDMIX for adding new offsets to RAMIX and MIX enhancements - desert and interior maps.
MIXENH11.ZIPThe MIX Enhancements v1.1 collection includes the first totally blank INTERIOR map, and a PROPER blank DESERT map. Various MIX files have been provided to allow this, including bibs, craters, scorches on the indoor theater, along with ore/gems which previously weren't there. The desert map isn't quite up to the standard of the indoor one, but is still interesting to see.
SAVER.ZIPRA-MIXer 4.0 Demo (nice)Hey, download this little DEMO!Requires a 486 with 40MHz!
RAPOWER.ZIPRApower is made to help people, who have created a single player mission for Red Alert and are unsure that do the sides have enough power or do they have to build powerplants to work with full power.
RACYBER2.ZIPRed Alert Version Of Cyber Alert 2.0.You don't need the Counterstrike add-on to play Cyber Alert now!
SMART10.ZIPSmart Rules 1.0(Latest Version) - Ever want the computer to build Migs,Yaks,Longbows,Tanyas,Mammoths & others in skirmish?Then get this file!
re97.zipThe editor for Red Alert -- You tried the rest, now get the best, many more features that Red Alch!
RA-TRN2.zipThe newest version of RA trainer. With Quick-Build, Quick Charge, unlimited money, full map display, and a complete mission key! Now it never crashes the game!
RALCHPRO.ZIPRed Alert Alchemist Pro Shareware!This Is The Latest Version Of The Best Red Alert Editor Ever!
ANTRULES.ZIPRed Alert Counterstrike Rules.ini With Ants!To be used together with the patch found in the patch area here!


Kali95 1.1F.zipThe latest version of Kali 95. Dec,15.96
Kali95 1.1 BetaThis version of Kali supports the Win95 version of Red Alert. Also lets you play more than 2 players during multiplayer.

Westwood Chat 3.04This is used for getting into Westwood's chat server and challenging other players to a 1 on 1 game or as allies against the computer.

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