*also introducing the first ever anti-cheese and mustard sandwich webpage*

I am currently working on updating the lyrics archive by adding lyrics from "The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit" and "Don't Mind if I Do", and adding more songs to the other albums. Also you can now see pictures of me at the Page All About ME!!!! when you click on a link within the page. It's called the Picture Page! I'm pretty psyched that you can now all know what the webmaster looks like. So go check it out! Pleeeaaaseeeee i hate feeling like my updates are for nothing. Also I got a new guestbook and I feel like no one loves me and no one's signing the book. So please just appease me and sign the book cuz I feel like u dont love the page if u dont. U do love the page... dont u? :( Oh look now u got me pouting. See what happens when u dont sign the guestbook!?!!? Ok enough babbling on my part. Just sign the guestbook for my sake please. If you have any suggestions for the page I would love 2 hear them cuz I have webmasters block lately. More updates ARE on the way, I promise! Just please bear with me because I am very busy.


This note has been placed because I have received numerous emails that are fan mail to Boy George. I am flattered that I'm that convincing, but I hate getting people's hopes up. Sorry.

Hi, everyone! This is Lynn, more commonly known among all Culture Club Freaks as a crazy little cutie with the handle "odowd. I know I've been away for awhile, but I have been without the internet for over a year, so it's been difficult to maintain the site. I am hoping to update the stuff I have up already, and add some cool new stuff too. I won't tell you that the change will be overnight, what with school and all (I have priorities put in their places), but I am definitely going to work on it, because I know how frustrating it is to watch a website sit and not change. I apologize for being away so long, but it's good to be back. Thanks for visiting the site


Hugs and Kisses - odowd

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