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Welcome Sign

This is my very favorite thing to work with...DAISEYS!!!! Also, as if you couldn't tell I just LOVE working with things on a black background...don't ask me why...things just look so much brighter!!! =) Ok if you decide to use this must first click on this VSPACER.GIF...then save as to your own files.....**important**... when you click on will see nothing...(that is the point) but trust me...just
after you have *uploaded it to your own server*. You will need to put it just under your body background settings using the IMG SRC tag...after that you will need to adjust the **height**. for this page I set the height at 145. You can set it whatever you like...whatever works well for you. If you have any problems using this...just e-mail me I will try to explain it better if I can.

The whole point of using the Vspacer.gif is to make that needed space between the top of your border and your the text does not run into the border. last quick note....the only thing that I have found with using top borders is that you can not make your pages too long...I have only set the pixel length to a certain if your page starts to repeat the top have to much on it...either drop me a mail...and I can make it longer for you...or simply add a new page... Enjoy!!

Font Used: Nottingham
Text color:#A22d70

If you use this set...please use the matching logo and linkback to