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T*@|)'$ P/\93 Of _]U5+ P|@!N N0n$#n$9
*I'll give you a nickel if you can read that!*

This page is under construction. Any input is not welcome. I don't like Pokemon anymore (sigh of relief).
Let's start off by saying that before you read ANYTHING, read the

If you don't like it, then just leave and don't whine to me about it!
Whew! It must have been a bazillion years since I edited this thing! Wow! This is obselete junk in here! The dust must be a foot thick!

If you don't like my opinions, THEN TURN THE ROTTEN COMPUTER OFF!!!!!

Hehehe, well stuff in my life has definately changed some! More on that later, though. I still work in a lovely bookstore! At any rate, hiccup your pride and bite your tongue. In other words, keep quiet while you read my page.

I figured that since I kinda need to revamp this little page of mine, I should do it bit by bit, so hopefully I will have it all done by the time my kids are out of college!

Ok, For those of you who liked my page before, here is the Sailor Moon page, and the Me Page. The Pictures are no longer having technical difficulties, but they have diminished in number. But don't go there. They are there for old time's sake. They are so obselete that it's horrifying!
Ok, well, I'm still working on the artwork...hey, it's hard, ok? I don't have a scanner and I'm too shy to ask to use the one at school.

My poetry page is still there for those who still would like to see their stuff on my webpage.

Anyone got a scanner they want to give me?

*sigh* ok...Enough of that...

That article on trends!
An essay I wrote about myself. Read it, it tells a lot of society today.
Poetry and other works. This is the one thing I may allow submission on.
A page on another interest of mine. Wicca. No, I'm not a devil worshipper and I don't sacrifice animals, all you little ignorami out there. It's only a start, so it's only got the basics on there.

News. Me and Jose aren't dating anymore...there! There's my update for the month! Live with it!

Well, not all the stuff I promised before, that's for sure! I'm too lazy! Well, I'll probably try to get my Wicca page up and running, running, running. I'll also probably try to get Sandman tribute page and a Melissa Etheridge thing a-goin'. We'll see, my pretty pets! We'll see! And while you're waiting, check out my Friends
I am SO begging you! Pretty pretty please with sugar and a bright red chrry on top with extra whipped cream and an extra scoop of ice cream on the side, please sign my guestbooks!!!!!!

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Last update: 5/25/99