Philes Against the View!

Hi all! Thanks for visiting this portion of the site. So, your curious mind wants to know why we're MAD at the View huh? Well, here it goes...

Several months ago, Gillian Anderson was invited to be a guest on ABC's "The View". While there, Gillian was treated with such disrespect, it was unbelievable. The topic of homosexuality was brought up during the interview and when Gillian expressed her opinion, Star Jones was less than kind when reacting to it. Gillian plainly stated that were she ever to find out that a friend was homosexual, she would do her best to ensure that their relationship remained unchanged. Star Jones continually questioned Gillian's stand on this topic in a rude and rather uncalled for way. Gillian did her best to combat Star's insistent words asking her, "How could you call yourself this person's friend if you walked away from them just because of their sexual preference?" The battle continued for a few moments before going to commercial, and hasty departure of Gillian.

This is why we are mad. Gillian was treated horribly on public television just because she said what she believes in. We feel this is wrong and are sorry that she was subjected to the unfair and uncalled for treatment by Star Jones. This is why The Philes Against the View have vowed never again to watch "The View" out of respect for Gillian.