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"If you have tears, prepare to shed them now."

-Antony III ii "Julius Caesar (W. Shakespeare)


"But oh Melpomene! thy lyre of wo--
To what a mournful pitch its keys were strung,
And when thou badest its tones of sorrow flow,
Each weeping Muse, enamoured, o'er thee hung:
How sweet--how heavenly sweet, when faintly rose
The song of grief, and at its dying close
The soul seemed melting in the trembling breast;
The eye in dews of pity flowed away,
And every heart, by sorrow's load opprest,
To infant softness sunk, as breathed thy mournful lay."

An Ode To Music, by James G. Percival


"...Life, being wearvy of these wordly bars,
Never lacks power to dismiss itself."

-Cassius I.iii "Julius Caesar" (W. Shakespeare)

"Break, heart, I prithee, break!"

~Kent V.iii "King Lear" (W. Shakespeare)

"Alas, poor fool."
-Olivia V.i "Twelfth Night" (W. Shakespeare)

"One sorrow never comes but brings an heir
That may succees as his inheritor."
~Cleon I.iv "Pericles" (W. Shakespeare)

"Every one is dead!"
"Well THAT, my dear, is why we call it a Tragedy!"

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