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HELLLLLO!!! Welcome to my page on all about Dawson's Creek. Right now, it is VERY new, but I hope for it to get better! On this page, I will give you a brief description of the show, as well as MANY links about last weeks show, next week's show, Joey, AND Dawson himself. Thanx for coming-- visit agin! Okay_Okay_Okay, this show takes place in a small town, but I haven't figured out what state yet. (E-mail me if you know) Dawson is the main character. He is best friends with Joey and has been for his whole life. Every night she climbs in his window and visits. Then this new girl moves into town, Jen. She is from New York and moved here with her grandmother to "take care of her sick grandfather". Dawson falls in love with her. And then this other kid, Pasey, is friends with both Dawson and Joey. He falls in love with a teacher, Tamara, who also like him. Right now, everyone is just trying to find their "match", but to get more info, go to each individual page. CONFUSED??? Don't be. If you visit the other pages and still do not know what is going on, e-mail me and I'll explain personally. THANX=}

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