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Down below are the follwing weapons used here at Castle Black Thorn in times of need.

Broad Sword:

A long wide sword,usaully rather heavy, only a man or woman of true strength can use such a weapon. Though it does have it's good side. For it slices flesh easily.

Long Sword:

A long narrow sword, with a deadly razor sharp blade. Can easily be swung in ones hand. Easy to grip and fight with. A sword perferred by many.

Short Sword:

Short yet very deadly, can be swung at your face before you even know it's coming. Easily used by many. The blade being folds several times, tyo asure, good use.


A short knife looking blade, with usually a metal handle with leather intwinded around over it, to asure a better grip. Can easily be hidden from many, and can easily get a job done quickly.


A long narrow rounded staff with a razor sharp blade in the front of it. Can be forced through ones body or even thrown if need be. very light and easy to use. though easily broken aswell.


A short rounded gripable pole, with a thick durable chain hanging down losely holding a steal metal ball, sometimes with spikes on it. such as nail or small blades.


A long piece of wood, rounded all around for eaier gripping and use. Can be used in many ways when striking a aponent. A easily used weapon.


A short rounded piece of wood, like that of the mase, yet no ball or chain hangs from the end. Only a moon shaped blade. Very dangerous and deadly. A strike form such a weapons can reasault in losing limbs.

Battle Axe:

Like that of the regualur axe, yet longer and more narrow, the blade being much more bigger than the regualur axe. Very fatal if struck with.


Bow: A thin flexibale rounded piece of wood,a durable piece of string attached to the tips of each end. Arrow: A thin rounded piece of wood with a dagger tip and feather at the end. Placing the arrow in the bow and pulling back launches the thin wood at a deadly adversary.


Hooked Dagger:

Like that of the normal dagger, though must different to the extreme. It as a moon shaped blade at the end, thin and sharp. Used to gut a person.

Long Knife:

Like that of a normal dagger or knife. Yet longer and more narrow, used to slice down ones stomach.


A moon shaped blade though skinny and rounded. used to tear at the flesh.


A normal peice of rope, though much more durable in strength. The chances of breaking free are very low. Used to choke or tie down someone.

Stretch Table:

A long wooden table, very unconfertable. Holes at each corner, where ones feet and hands would go, a turning wheal at each end where the rope is tied. By spinning a crank it tightens the rope,stretching out a person. Sometimes dislocating there limbs.


A metal device, with for sharp rounded blades. Looking like a claw. Used to remove the organs of a person. very painful.


(exactly like a battle axe) used to chop of ones head.


A wooden device, flat and tall with a hole near the bottom, where a bucket awaits. Ones head is placed inside the hole, coming out the otherside. A trap door is placed over the top of ones head. And with a pull of a rope, a razor sharp blade falls down over them, cutting off there head, into the bucket.

::Smiles:: Well this is the weaponery room.. Where all the weapons are made... ::Points to them all:: Continue even further?