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Up above is the shield to Castle Black Thorn, there are four letters on the shield. One in each corner of the shield. Each corner of the shield repersenting a piece of your heart and mind.

H: Is for Honor, and loyalty.

F: Is for faith, and belief

S: Is for strength, and Pride.

L: Is for love, and caring.


The old code is what ever member of Castle Black Thorn must fallow. To live by your sword and never turn your back on the castle or it's members at any cost. All must defend the castle at any cost, even if it means to lose your own life. To show true passion and a open heart towards all. Even outside of the Castle walls. To help the hurt and inicent. To Make the right choice in a time of confussion and fustration. To take right in what is right and to turn your back on those who are of the darkside, those who have the nature of evil in there viens. This is the old code.

::Points to another scroll on the wall:: This is the Castle's Old code...I wonder how old it is? ::chuckles:: Continue further....?