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All members to Castle Black Thorn, are to follow the laws below, choosing to ignore these laws will resault in you having go up on the stand before, Castle Black Thorn's Judges. And will be given the proper punishment to fit the crime. All Crimes must be longed in order for them to be legible.

Never Go against the King Or Queens word. It show much distrespect and lak of honor and love towards them

Never Rape or harm anyone, doing this can get you killed. And shows you have no feelings towards others.

Never fight a DM or SM, unless permission stated from your King or Queen first. Doing this also shows your lack of respect and honor.

Never except any AA's unless while in war, or unless a warrent is sent out for your arrest. Choosing to ignore this rule, is the loss of your own life.

Never Speak to the King Or Queen, until you have been givenm permission to part your lips. This also shows no respect towards your King and Queen.

Never Lie or cheat one of your own members from your castle. Honor and truth is the way towards light and true power.

Never Strike a blow upon a Lady, weither she be of the castle or not. It jsut does not shows you have no heart, nor respect for a lady.

Never steal from castle or any members from within the castle's walls at anytime. For doing so can put a pretty bad affence against you.

Warrents will be issued out, upon one comitting a crime. You are asked to come peacfully. Ignoring this matter will Make AA's active towards you, wiether or not it says no AA's in your profile or not.

Absolutly no asaults on the kings guards or nobles, and any cost. Asault on the king's guards, is a asualtn the king himself.

You will take full responcibilities towards the crimes you do, and will allow the judge to deal with you in the manner he so chooses.

::Smiles, Pointing to another scroll on the wall:: These are the laws all must abide by...There fairly simple, no reason to break em....Conitue further?