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Castle Black Thorn

Welcome to The Castle Black Thorn Application, filling out the below will show us your devotion and how serious you really are in joining. We are not a guild. There for we need not be regestered under any forum. We help each other in times of need. As well as protect each other in times of need. Protecting the King and Queen is the main priority. Though all members are just as important to us. We hold many balls and dinners, and always have much entertainment. We are in the outskirts of Rhydin living in peace, were no rivals can harm us. Please consider us greatly as yu fill out the below.

"Copy Paste From Here and Below"

What is your Screen Name? ((please use lower case letters))

What is the full name of your character?

What is your characters age, race, and sex?

Give a short biography of your character.

Does your character have any family that riside in RhyDin? If so, who?

Does your character have any special abilities?

How long have ye been Role Playing?

Are ye currently enlisted in any guilds or clans?

Do ye have any enemies that Castle Black Thorn should be aware of?

What position would ye like to hold in Castle Black Thorn? (( place a one, two, and three in the order of which position ye would like to hold))

Knight ( )

Squire ( )

Sorcerer ( )

Guard ( )

Messenger ( )

Executioner ( )

Infantry ( )

Archer ( )

Judge ( )

Ladies ( )

Jester ( )

Scout ( )



I ,___________, do hereby swear loyalty tae Castle Black Thorn. I will protect its members with my life and hold the honor of the castle as my own.

Send all completed applications to LstIceDrgn.

Well here we are the application for the castle... If you like what you see then please by all means fill this out... I am sure the king will think of you as greatly selection....Continue on farther? ::His eyes dance of you::