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Up above is Lord Galvin the Great, in dragon form. Lord Galvin is secretly a the Last of his kind. The Last Blue Ice dragon in excistence. Below him are his allies his friends. Protecting the lost treasures of Rhydin with his life. He hase been around for many centuries, he has lived longer than most vampires ever will. Or any other kind of race. He is kind and considerent to all. He would not harm a fly, unless prevoked in a bad manner of some sort. He has made a oth to protect those who live in his castle. His family was killed many years ago, He was deprived of love and caring, and searches the realms to find it. Though can something Love, if they have never known love themselves? Perhaps another mistery of the realms that will never be discovered.

Well this is what the King Looks like, when he is in dragon form...::smiles:: He is so noble and kind...Shall we continue on?