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OOC: Sup everyone!? My name is Casper, I hope you enjoyed my website. It took me alot of hard work nd time to put together. I 18 and from New Jersey. I have a Little sister named, Ariana. And several pets, which i love dearly. Such As my Dwarf Hambster "Gizmo" And my two cats, "Tash ans Missy" I love animals among other things. I am currently looking into several colleges. Because I want to take up a profession in Drama. I love writing poems and RPG-ing in my spare time. I like fantasy roll playing for the reason that you can make your dreams reality in a fantasy world, such as RPG. I alos play live Masquerade and AD&D. I find it very interesting. I would like to take the chance to thank everyone who is involved in my Castle. With out your support and great imaginations. This world would have never excisted. I would also like to thank all those who took the time to look over my site. All art was created by me, except for some of the dragon pics. I am currently writing a book, that I hope to get published soon. Called "Sands Of Time" It's about a vampire that has lived a imortal life for centuries, looking for one that will devote there true unding passion and love towards them. Only then will his imortal sould lay at rest. It's a romantice and thrilling book. Though I am at a writers block at the time. ::sighs:: ;-( I would like to also say that this site still has much more to come. So please look at it every now and then for updates on pages and that of the sort. Thanx. ;-) "All rights reserved by Casper. Copy®ight 1998."