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A large sphere of flames. Casted at your enemy when summoned upon. Setting your enemy into burning hot flames.

Lightning Strike

When calling upon the heavens for help, Lightning his casted down upon your enemy, Sending painful shocks of electricity through out there entire body.

Stone Hands

The ground breaks free and two rather large stone hands made of solid rock grasp your enemy firmly in a death grip. Crushing all the bones in there body. If the crushing of the bones does nae kill them, then sufication sure as will.

Flaming Hands

The ground breaks free and two large flaming hands grasp your enemy firmly in a death lock. Sending heat at first through out them. Then heat changing to burning hot flames of fire.

Poison Ivy

The ground breaks free and thick durable vines emerge of the deadliest poison. Intwing themselves around your enemy. A mere brush against the vines and leaves, wills end tourmenting blisters of extreme pain over there body. The more you ich the more it spreads.


The ground breaks free once more and thorned vines rap around your enemies entire body firmly. The thorns on the vines tearing deeply at there flesh, Upon open gashes in there flesh, the vines emerge themselves within them, then tearing the insides of them agressivly.


The casting of this spell with heal you or another for one rounds damage.


Upon summoning a monster of your choice ans desire apears before you. Ready to act at on your comand.

Mystical Orbs

Three spall orbs no bigger than your fist. Apear, twirling with each other before your enemy. One holds the power of lightning,another holds the power of burning hot fire, and the third holds the power of ice.


Upon casting of this spell blinds your enemy for one excisting round. Making there moves unsteady and impossiable to complete.


Upon the casting of this spell sends a swarm of deadlt bees after your enemy. Stinging him rapidly and numerous times.

Deadly Wind

The casting of this spell, summons a gust of hard blowing rain and wind atyour enemies. Throwing them from place to place, and the rain acting like rocks upon contact.


Upon casting of this spell, makes the earth beneath your enemy change to a soft area of quicksand,sucking them into the ground quickly. The more they move the faster it takes you in.


Upon casting of this spell summons a thick unseeable fog around your enemy. Making it uneasy for him to attack you.

Time Warp

The casting of this spell makes the current time around you, Switch places. Making all attacks upon you, actually attacking the enemy himself.

::Guides you into a starnge looking room with potions all around you and spell books:: This is the magic room.. where spells are learned and casted... Continue?