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You find yourself walking down a strange narrow dirt path in complete darkness. Your feet slowly guiding you down it as if searching for something on the way or at the end of it. The Moonlight being your only guidence through the darkness along this weary dirt path. Your footsteps continue pressing into the dirt path gently as you continue on your way. You can hear faint wispers all around you. As if someone or something was watching your every step, closer to the end. Yur heart starts to beat rather fast now, sendig shivers and curiousity through out your entire body. You look up a ahead once more, hoping that this weary path will soon come to a end, yet all you see is complete darkness up ahead. You start moving a little faster now. Trying to rush yourself to the end as if in a hurry of some sort. The wispers start to ge louder and closer to you. Your breathing speeds up trying to keep up with your scaddering feet. Your eyes switch for a moment as you try to make out a strange figure up ahead. You can see that theend of the path is close and light breaks free towards the end, as if night changed to day. As you reach the end, your eyes slowly and curiously dance over a strange looking castle. Several black flags with a symbol of a white dragon on them, are swaying in the light warm breeze, as if they were alive. Galloping can be heard appraoching you. You dash in into some thorn bushes at your side. The thorns tearing at your soft flesh, leaving small trinkles of warm red blood at the tips of the thorns. The galloping comes to a hault as your eyes make out a Black knight on a black stalion, his armor glimmering in the sun's light. It blinds you for a moment. Then suddenly a firm grip is placed over your shoulder, youquickly turn to look. All you see is a fist flying at your face. Several hours later you awake inside the castle, laying on the floor before a King at his thown. He speaks suddenly seeing that you are awake now. "You have trust passed into my domain. Why have you come here?" He asks. His voice deep and curious.You are unable to speak. For everytime you attempt to, you only let out a studder. You heart continues to beat fast. Then your lips part to speak. "I have come to join ye castle...." You say in a gentle and nervous tone. "What makes you think you have what it takes?" He asks curiously....

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Hi my name is Draco! I will be your guide through the castle..::smirks::

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