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Located in Central New Jersey

Fischers, Masked and Peachfaced Lovebirds are bred in a large array of colors
Babies are LBS banded and pulled for handfeeding at 10-14 days of age
Birds not intended for the pet trade but retained for show or breeding stock are DNA sexed then when weaned placed in a communial flight by species to develop muscle and stamina...
All breeding pairs are hand picked and set up for breeding to produce the best quaility and color possible.

Pacific Parrotlet babies are SPBE closed banded and handfed from 7-10 days of age...
Babies are given one on one time to insure tame, gentle, human bonded "let" babies
Breeding stock consists of 5 unrelated pairs
Greens, Blues, Yellows and single/double splits

Cockatiels chicks are pulled for handfeeding when closed banded at 10-12 days of age. ...

Breeding stock consists of 6 bonded proven pairs
Color/mutations produced are: Greys, Pieds, Pearls, Cinnamons, Cinnamon Pearls, Pearl Pieds, Lutino and White faced

A birdseye view of our breeding setup

Just Hanging Out
LEFT TO RIGHT: Medium Green OF, Amer. Cinn. Pied, OF Pied, Gr Pied, Violet, Amer. Cinn., Sea Gr Amer. Cinn.
TOP TO BOTTOM:Violet Pied, OF Cinnamon, Lutino

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