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They Dont Know

Heard about my past things I used to do The games I used to play the girls that didn't last I know what's on your mind, you think I'm doin wrong Can I say what is real, you are the only one When I'm not around do you think of me Or what the jealous ones are claiming me to be 1 You should know by now that it's gonna take A lot of trust from you for us to make it through You should know that you're my angel Nothin's gonna make you fall from heaven Girl, I just wanna love you (love you) 2 Don't listen to what people say They don't know about, bout you and me Put it out your mind cuz it's jealousy They don't know about this here (2x) Girl let's talk about what your friends told you That I'm a selfish man want my cake and eat it too Baby in my past but you've changed me now Now that I found true love it's you that showed me how Your love's so real I'd be a fool to play To play around on you I hope to stay with you 1 2 2x You're my angel, yea yea yea... Why don't you, baby, stay with me? I won't let you down Miss you, babe, you'll see it 2 2x (fade)