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The Scoobiest Page

This is the scoobiest page ever. All of the info on here is all i know about scooby doo and his crew.

The Mystery machine would take Scooby and his crew from place to place.The van looked alot like the bus from another very popular show "The Partridge Family". The seating arangement in the van was always the same throughout every single show. It was Fred, Daphne & Velma in the front seat and Scooby and Shaggy in the back.That van had a lot of significance.

Scooby Doo. What can i say about him that has'nt been said before? Nothing really. He is a talking Great Dane that sometimes acts more human than most of us. The thing that makes scooby funny is his lack of courage and his constant hunger all of the time. The creators of S.D tried to bring in new characters(e.g Scooby-Dum Scooby-Dee) into the show but none had more impact on the show than Scooby-Doo did.When they tried to bring in Scooby's brat nephew Scrappy-Doo the show hit a low point in it's career.

Norville"Shaggy Rogers".You could say that shaggy is a nerdy,highschool kid who still has a squeaky voice since puberty. Though Shaggy was a geek he played a vey important role in the crew. Even though by accident shaggy would always stumble over clues,and he would always stick his neck ou as if he were bait,to catch the villan. He and Scooby had a strong companionship. They could always be bribed into do stunts that they really diddnt want to,by saying that they would get a Scooby Snack. They always gave a good laugh not only to the crew but to all of the viewers watching.

Freddie Jones is the Blond Haired good looking male of the whole group (if you ask me i think he's gay). I would consider fed the leader of the group. Even though I've never actually seen him take control of anything. Just because he is in his 20's and is older than everyone else. He was there to make sue everyone had a say in what was happening and was always making good plans in order to catch the bad guy.

Daphne Blake is the gorgeous one of the whole group. What she always seems to do is stumble upon trap doors & get caught by bad guys. But what she mainly seems to do is Babysit Shaggy and Scooby. Hey who wouldnt want her for a babysitter.

Velma Dinkley. She was always the one who found the first clue.While Daphne was faling into traps and Shaggy and Scooby were looking for food, she was putting the clues together. Her intense searching caused her to get separated from the gang often. When she always found an importat clue she would always yell "JINKEES"!!! The only thing that is bad about Velma is that without her glasses she is as Blind as a bat.