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My ONYX Page

Who iz ONYX? Well 4 you people that dont know ONYX is a New York City Rap Group. So far they have put out 3 Albumz and a whole mess of singles. In the beginning the group consisted of four members, Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr, Big DS and Suave.Big DS left right before the release of there second album. Their first album released in 1993 was titled "bacdafucup". It had a hit single titled"slam" which included alternative rock group Biohazard. Their second album was released 2 years later and was titled "all we got iz uz". Which was a more gothic album. Their new release album"Shut'Em Down" Has been a hit all around the country. Even with Big DS gone Suave Sticky and Fredro put together a phat album that has some words that get right to your heart and tells you alot about the real life out on the streetz. Artists like Noreaga and Big Pun are also featured in the album.