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My favorite kind of cars are Volks Wagon i love them and want you to check out some yourself. Click hereto check some out.

Everybody who really knows me knows that i love the New York Yankees since im from the Bronx and I represent it to the fullest. For all ya'll Yankee Fans out there that love them too go here to check out the stats about the best team in the world.

I also Love The New York Giants. So For You New York Fans who love the giants too check them out here.

If you ever wanted to send a note in a bottle over the ocean and never had a chance well here it is. This might be as close as you will ever get so check Go here

If you like card tricks as much as i do you must check this out.

This is really cool

This is so funny you must check this out.

You must visit my good friend,Heather's site because she has a bangin' site. so go here

You gotta go to my Boy Kyles page too!! So go "M"usic "T"ele"V"ision

Some of the banginest clothing to be made are by Eddie Bauer and I love looking at his new clothing styles . So if you are a fashion freak you must go here

Some more bangin' clothes are by GAP. So check their clothes out.

My personal favorite line of clothing is by Armani Exchange. SO to sweat their clothes as much as I do go here and be amazed.

If you want to find your house via satelite go here This is so cool