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About Me

Things I like

I also like to chill wit' my friends and build model cars in my spare time. If im not doing anything else im usually on my pc. I like to work on my pc because my profession is going to be a computer technician so I have to know as much as I can in order to fulfill my dream.

If you want to check out some bad ass cartoons and Games with them check out these sites,

Scooby Doo.

Taz my other fav.

Yo check out my Phat ride!!<--- coming soon

Check me out in boston wit my peeps.

Im the one on the left kneeling down with the 2 girls pointing at me. The top row are the characters in this dinner theater that we had to go to. The 2nd row of girls are... Crystal, Damaris, Missy and Rochelle. Next to me is my boy Vic. And the bottom picture is Me, My best friend Jeremy and my boy Kyle. You cant flex wit these 3 PAPI CHULO'S.

this is a pic of one of my best friends Jocie and my favorite little cuz Isaiah. Aint he cute???