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Movin' On

[Silkk da Shocker] Yo Mya I know you got a man and all but uhh I been watchin yall And if he ain't treatin you right 'bout time you move on Now I'm not trying to get in between yall two, but you gonna move, move this way [Mya - Verse 1] I'm so confused I don't know what to do ( gonna be aiight, gonna be aiight) But I gotta be a woman I gotta get over you ( yeah aiight, yeah aiight) I think I saw your baby's mother Creeping at your back door (Yeah-ee Yeah-ee) And your lying ass been cheatin And I can't take it no more oh oh I'm movin on (move on) Chorus: On (movin on)(and move my way) On (movin on-on) (move on) Oh-on I'll be movin on (and move my way, say what say what) (2x's) [Mya - Verse 2] Whose drawers are these You know I wear a size four (huh what, say what) And if you say that you've been faithful Who was at your back door You ain't got no money ( it don't matter about all that, I got some) I should've left you long ago (Yea-ee Yea-ee Yea-ee) And your stroke ain't strokin no more So I've been sleepin all alone (she shouldn't have to sleep by herself you know what I'm sayin) If you know what I mean I'm movin on ( move on) Chorus (2x's) [Silkk] Well now I'm a No Limit Soldier Known to keep it rowdy You know one's that make you say uhh And Bout It, Bout It Now one to the two Two to the three I aint sayin leave him But you need to like roll wit me Cause I can see you aint happy here When I look in your eye You a bird You gotta spread your wings So now it's time to fly You aint never gotta trip Or remind me I'm trying to live ghetto fab Like takin baths In bottles of Don P But I aint perfect Just imagine me with no flaws Like a parking lot Wit no cars Cell block Wit no bars World wit no wars L.A.wit no stars Check this out I can heal your broken heart So don't be so fast To react so quick Or get all mad And try to scratch up my 6 Now you know I get paid For bustin all kind of tight verses See I need a girl That I can see on top Like Silkk and Mya Or vice versa Chorus (w/o I'll be movin on)