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My Brandon Lee page

This page is alot smaller than my Bruce lee page but im not a big a fan of Brandon Lee as I am Bruce Lee.

Brandon Bruce Lee was born on February 1st 1965 in Oakland, CA.] His father was Bruce Lee and Mother was Linda Lee(Cadwell). His sister was Shannon Lee. He lived in Hong Kong for 8 years while he was a little boy. He spoke Cantonese. His Grilfriend was writer Eliza Hutton. Their wedding was planned for April 17th 1993. His height was 182 cm and weight 72 kg. Brandon Bruce Lee died on March 31st in Wilmington, North Carolina while filming the movie "The Crow". He was killed by a projectile that came out of a gun firing blanks. (Go Figure)

The movies that he has done are Kung Fu : The Movie, Legacy of Rage, Laser Mission, Showdown In Little Tokyo, Rapid Fire, & The Crow. He did a TV series for 1 year called Ohara.

Thats all I really know about him I dont know of any interviews that he did im sure he hasbut i nevre knew anthing about it. Sorry for all of you Brandon Lee People. I've got a great Bruce Lee page.