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Are You That Somebody

Are You That Somebody? Here we go Can ya'll really feel me East coast feel me West coast feel me Dirty south wha, wha Boy, I've been watchin you Like the hopes in the sky That's why That you were my pray I promise you If we keep hope in hands And you know that one of these days We gone work it out Probably talk from the phone But see I don't know if that's good I've been holdin back This secret from you Probably shouldn't tell you but if I Chorus: If I let you know You can't tell nobody I'm talkin bout nobody Are you responsible Boy I gotta watch my back I'm not just anybody Is it my go, Is it your go Sometimes i'm goody goody Right now i'm naughty naugthy Say yes or say no Cause I really need somebody Tell me are you that somebody Boy, Won't you pick me up at the park right now Up the block while everyone Sleep, Sleep, Sleep I'll be waitin there Wit my toost, my lugz. my hat Just so i'm low key If you tell the world Don't sleep, you know that would be weak Oh Boy, See i'm trusting you In my heart, my soul I probably shouldn't let you but, If I If I let this go...... (Chorus) Baby girl I'm the man from the big Va Won't you come play round my way And listen to what I gotta say Timbaland Don't you know i am the man Rocks you from here to Japan Have people shakin shakin my hand Baby girl Better known as Aaliyah Give me goosebumps and high fevers Making playahaters believers Don't you know Gotta tell somebody Cause I really need somebody Tell me are you that somebody!