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Welcome to Ashish Mishra's home

"Love sought is good but given unsought is better"

Deepavali ki hardik shubhkamnayen, aapka nav-varsh mangalmay ho

For those of you who are not sure where they are, this is my Home Page and here you will learn all about me, my interests and hobbies, my friends, family and more.

Check out the latest reviews (K3G, Monsoon Wedding, Asoka, The Others, Don't say a word added - Jan 20th)__NEW__

Travelogoue of the Lonavala Trip over the Sept 30th Weekend__NEW__

My first online article published, here is the extended version

Some of my Favorite Web sites:

My Resume

Mumbai - My home town

My Poetry/Songs/Quotes Collection

Top Ten List

Here are some picture of my friends and family, you will need password to enter. Please ">"> Click here to proceed.
__NEW pictures added- Boston Trip'01 and NY Pics on Aug 23, 2001__