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My Kids

kids1.jpg (22372 bytes)

This is My Kids Muhammad Qashful Asyrar and His Brother Muhammad Asyraful Izwan. They smile for driving in new Unicar (Birthday Gift for Asyraful Izwan on his 4th birthday.

Smile kids!!!!!



Qasyfull Asyrar Was smile whenever He knows we just snaping on him.Qasyfull Asyrar was 4 years old. This time we just visit in  Muzium Losong. One of the nice place in KT Town, Terengganu Malaysia. along.jpg (20282 bytes)


along2.jpg (28144 bytes) More Qasyfull Asyrar Pic. Standing beside the Rambutan's Tree. Hei! What the nice looking ha?


Qasyfull Asyrar was 5 years Old. I really hope my dreams come true. That's our wishes everytime we pray. May God bless Us. That is nothing to chase in our life actually. Only Hapiness Life and soul. Qashful.jpg (10305 bytes)
Little Trio Looking at me and smile For whole Happiness together. Sometimes I felt I'm going Older Every Each I look at my Kids. They cannot solve any Problem but They'll can bring something that you could'nt find anywhere. Love you so much Kids!!!!