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JR 2000 Midi Worlds

All About Me

Welcome to visit my web page and hope to find out something from this site

Sometimes i feel the World is not enough to fit my glad each time i know someone has been surfed on my page. Then i hope to get more
people come visit to my page. This site i really mant to tell everything about me. Actually This page created on  13 Oct 1998(thats mean on my first page) . Firstly i would like to tell my fullname is Ahmad Jalil Razali, Birth on 26/9/1967, Birth in Kuala Besut Terengganu. When i grewup to 2 years old my family was moved to Johor Bahru than leaved 13 years, after 13 years my parents leaving in Muar Johor. Thats All I can explain about me.

The High Beam Control

My Kids
Welcome to Terengganu
Terengganu Water World
My Lovely Wife
My Wedding Day

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