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Welcome to my page 73-77 Chevelle Lovers/Haters

I got so sick of looking around on the Internet for 73-77 pages. So, I decided to start my own.

It's dedicated to my baby, a 1975 Platinum Quartz Metallic Chevelle Malibu

I've had this car for longer than I can remember. Ok, I remembered. I started working on it about three years ago. I've juggled a lot of things during that time period, so it took us (me and my dad) a long time to get us where we are now. It's mostly done, but as we all know, it's a never ending story.
I picked it up for $800. - and it was in dire condition. We ripped out the interior and began immediately that day. We fixed the floor and trunk rust, dyed the interior black, put in a new stereo, headliner, and rug.

Next was a 1987 350 c.i. (no TPI, had to make it carb.) and duel exhaust. I need a crossmember to make true dual exhaust, but until I get it, the one I have now is fine.

I have just recently (kind of old news now) had the car's body restored and painted. The bumpers grille, door handles and trunk and door locks were painted BMW black. Even more recently, I had a TH-350 built for me because I was slipping into third from first with my TH-200 that came with it. This transmission shifts so hard it breaks wheels in every gear. I also built a custom stereo that you wouldn't even know was there. I put two four inch speakers in the normal one-speaker setup in the dash. I built a custom bracket with bass blockers and baffles....all that work.....little did i know that Crutchfield makes the damn bracket, all you have to do is ask for it it's like a dollar. I built an awesome box holding two twelves which is kind of molded into my trunk with a fake wall. No more spare, but I dont care. My cell phone and fix-a-flat will save me. With all this stuff, I had to get an alarm after four punks tried to steal it a while ago.

Recently, my dad handed me the keys to his baby. In the garage sits a 100% original 1928 Ford Model A Roadster. There is NO rust on the car at all and everything is original on it. My dad has been having some health problems lately and really can't work on cars too much. So, I figured I'd get his old car up and running again, since it hasen't been run for about six years. I ordered about a thousand dollars worth of parts for it and have just recently put on a new exhaust, and re-wired the whole car myself. Expect a page for it soon enough.

But enough about the Ford, it's time to talk about my Chevy.

I looked all over the internet and finally found the I was pretty happy to find a site devoted to late model Chevelles. Mabye someday the geeks in my town will finally let me into their car clubs. Seems like all thats popular (or known) is third gen camaros.

You can find links to other Chevelle stuff at

Ok, it's on to the other pages to see my car, or other peoples cars. BY THE WAY: SEND ME YOUR PICS!!! Click on the flags to go there.

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Got a page you want listed? E-mail me than, ok!?:

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