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Missions Page

Please send all of your missions here with a breif description. Thank You

Area 51
13Kb In this mission you have to protect the secrets
of Area 51 from the press and from terrorists

Bridge Work
12Kb A large enemy resupply convoy has been discovered on a road between two rivers. If the two bridges can be destroyed we can sandwich the convoy between them, leaving no place to go. As always, be on the alert to assist our Special Ops Recon Team should their position be compromised.

Desert Escape
46Kb You are assigned to carry you and your wingmen out of enemy territory, better be careful though
you have no weapons. Includes custom weapons loadout. Created By:Richard Majak.

Nuclear Strike
69Kb If you liked back to Baghdad or thought that was a challenge try this.

Bunker Strike
56Kb If you like a real challenge and I mean real challenge try this. This is not fot the faint hearted.

Allah's Fool
2Kb Try this unexpected coalition between Iraq and Iran, we did not detect them with our radar......