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      Welcome to Veliraf Farms! We share our 50+ acres with a wide variety of creatures, and you can be sure that there is always something happening here!! The following pages will always be works in progress, with lots of new critters being added on a frequent basis - so make sure to check back often to see what changes have appeared.
Finally, I have some pictures of our new additions up. Check out my new pages on both SHETLAND SHEEP & ICELANDIC SHEEP
The goat above is Ponders End Bankers Naomi. Naomi is just one of the fantastic Nigerian Dwarf Goats that can be found here at Veliraf Farm.   To take a look at Naomi and some of her buddies please follow the links below.

My Critter Pages

Australian Cattle Dogs
Rabbit Care and Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Shetland Sheep
Icelandic Sheep
Dexter Cattle
Various Poultry

About Us

I'm not sure exactly why I put this page up, in my mind the animals are way more interesting than people.    For those of you who actually think that we are interesting, I guess that this page is for you.

About Us

Nicole Heath
Conn, Ontario
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My First- and only -Link

Duh Goat Man's Page Here you will find links to many other pages, and loads of information on every breed of goat.

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