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Hi and welcome to the Tawfiq Fitness Natural Bodybuilding Website!


Here are some of my vital stats:

Name: Tawfiq Ghadban

Occupation: Full-time student

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Height: 5'11"

Weight: Off-season : 200lbs.

Weight: Pre-contest: 185lbs.


Bodybuilding accomplishments:

Neutronsports I.N.B.A. natural bodubuilding:

First Place Novice men, October 2001


New-York Naturals:

First Place Teen Boys & First place light heavyweight, March 2002


W.N.S.O. World Natural Sports Organisation

First Junior Men, First Place Male Fitness Model Search, Overall Junior and Fitness Model Winner, June 2002



Coupe progym- First place Junior heavyweight- Overall Junior- Best
Choreography. March 29 2003


Here are some more pictures of me, please contact me at and give me your opinion.