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Kathy and Brian's Homepage

Welcome to our webpage. We live in central New Hampshire. This is our first attempt at a webpage, so bear with us, it is always under construction.

Below are pictures of some of our pets.
First is our Cairn Terrier, Slyder otherwise known as Mcferson's Winr by a Landslide (or Sly, named after the TV show 'Sliders')
Next is Calvin and her litter sister Hobbes, two feral kittens we rescued from one of the several feral litters born in this area in 1997.
October 1997 we received a wonderful 8 week old black lab pup,
Kelly aka Chickway's Fireside Chat.
You can see her by going to the Kelly link at the bottom of this page.
June 1998, Willow aka Nightwind's Poetry in Motion entered our lives. She is a gorgeous yellow lab with personality plus. She has her own page. Just click on the Willow link.
Sly Oct 1998 @ 2.5 years
Calvin @ 10 weeks Oct 1997
Hobbes @ 10 weeks Oct 1997
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