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Mark Spencer, modern day contemporary artist.Down load a virtual book of Mark Spencers work Marks book James Langlois, artist of metaphysical drawing.
Notice: there are some images which present the naked human form.

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Old Deerfield,Massachusetts
Lucie Bayard painting at auction
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Von ehmsen
"Von57" Ron Von Ehmsen
Ed Zerne American Artist
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Erye House ruins
Ruins of Erye House - Mt. Massachusetts

The artist Chester Sinclair is your host in this page and I hope you have come here to enjoy some enlightening works of art. My works exhibited here along with my artistic contemporaries are to inspire and inform others of the works which continue to be created by those driven to express.

Mark Spencer a living artist in New Mexico is an American premiere surrealistic painter. Mark was raised in Quincy Massachusetts, and attended the Museum school in Boston. Coincidentally met Steven Curtis who with some certainly was an artistic influence.

Appropriately James Langlois is featured on the page for his notoriety as one of Steven Curtis' realm of influences. Steven Curtis studied and taught at the Museum School, his specialty was drawing and print making, especially stone lithography. James was a contemporary of Steven's and spent a considerable amount of time with "Curtsin" a nick name given to Steven by James's wife Eva. Steven's father, another American contemporary artist, lived within the same county, yet spent little if "any" time with his son, either as mentor or teacher, reasons for which should not be discussed here. The author of these words had personally spent many hours with Steven Curtis to the personal enjoyment of his wit and extensive knowledge of the lives of the "Masters" who had gone on before. Steven could recant much of the personal histories of Raphael and his contemporaries, as well as talk candidly of his personal friends from the museum school as well as his collectors and patrons. I dare say not enough has been writen about Steven Curtis but perhaps his closer friends could take up the guanlet. I extend the invitation to those who knew Steven Curtis to write about their experience with this great artist and publish or share their knowledge to the collective archive of life.
Northfield sunset
Gus at magic lake
Mt. Monadnock, New Hampshire

Within this page are links to artists, like Edward Gordon a friend of mine, which I did not know for more than ten years, but let me look inside the doors of a genuine Beatnik. Ed's work was that of a true contemporary, his murals graced the wall of many of the New York City coffee houses during the nineteen fifties and sixties. Ed was also known for his philantrophies and personal encouragement to many of the young musician, writers,poets and artist who emerged from the times of his contemporaries. the list of modern day acts got their start by preforming in his coffee house and have moved on to outlive Edward Gordon himself. Contemporaries of Ed Gordon have left evidence within his emphemera, such as, John Sebastian, Steve Sills, Michelangelo Allocca, Bob Dylnn, Moma's and the Popa's, Pete Sieger, Tiny Tim, and a list much longer not before me now. Some of these contemporary artist are still alive, but mainly of age,which strikes at the urgency to preserve the history of these artists who grew out of the 50's and 60's to share and shape an American culture.

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A Russian Adventure Ed Gordon 1962 cafe RafioEd Gordon

Poet, Artist, Beatnik.

Old Quebec City Travel log.

chet storozuk

American Works of Art 1920s' to Contemporary

Welcome to my on line art display. I am Chet Sinclair an artist for some thirty years, and have a collection of art to which I add and subtract. If you would like to purchase any works that will appear on this page, then contact me for prices, slides or a full image file and specifics about the work you like.

My home is in Massachustts and can be contacted by e-mail NHchet "at" gmail"dot" com

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Accident Claims
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Link to Leons.avi"Leons Million Dollar Baby" short flic of horse flesh

Artist Steven Curtis 1946-1996

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If nothing else these words at the end of this page should give inspiration to those who seek out the individuals creative and innovative talents. American,contemporary,artists,art,painting,drawing,Chet Sinclair,beatnik art,steven curtis,ed gordon.

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