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Here's Hemingway at 3 weeks old!

And another at 5 weeks old. Isn't he cute?

Hemi and Angelica

Taken in July 2002
Angelica is 10 1/2 years and Hemi is 6 months

Hemi and Janet

The next 4 pictures were all Taken in early September 2002
Hemi is 8 months and Janet isn't saying

Brindle is GREAT camo!!

Everytime he goes through a growth spurt, his rear gets high first and his front catches up! here he is starting a growing spell!!

Hemingway relaxing by the pool

My FAVORITE picture! Hemingway next to the goldfish and frog pond

Diane and Hemingway in Nov 2002. Hemi is 26" at the shoulder and 84lbs

Here's another of Hemingway in November 2002

Here are two of brother Pete taken in November 2002

Look like anyone you know????

THIS is a 9 month old purebred Great Dane pup. NOT any of the brindle boys