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The Frontier L Litter photo album

Here are some photos from 3 weeks of age. While a bit still small they are gaining by leaps and bounds!!

Brego, boy

Rose, girl

Itsy, girl

Bunny, girl

Jack, boy

Peach, girl

Blueberry, girl (and BY FAR the smartest 3 week old baby I have EVER seen !!

Here are some random 3.5 to 4 week photos. No assistants so not even going to try hard for individuals! They are mostly sleeping because we had adventures in the kitchen.

Here are 3 of the pups hugging/sleeping (they have new collars- top is Brego, then Peach, then Blueberry ) plus Itsy's head at the bottom.

Brego can sleep ANYWHERE

Itsy all rumpled from being woke up!


The puppy pyramid! From the side and labeled from the top.

Assorted pictures between 4 and 5 weeks of age. Still no assistants to help!

Brego 4.5 weeks

Brego and Blueberry at 4.5 weeks. This is their favorite nap site. The other pups prefer my bed (a mattress on the floor in the office)

Itsy 4.5 weeks

jack 4.5 weeks

Jack (4.5 weeks) and big sister Annie (2 1/2 years) on my bed

Peach and part of jack 4.5 weeks

Rose (with watermelon collar now) 4.5 weeks

Bunny (now with hearts collar) 4.5 weeks

Some 5-5 1/2 week old photos

Starting with the green collar on the bottom left and going clockwise: Jack, Blueberry, Bunny, Brego, Itsy, Rose, Peach

Annie and the "pack" 5.5 weeks

Jack left, Peach on top of the box and Itsy in, 5.5 weeks

Rose asking to be picked up

Rose 5.5 weeks

Blueberry 5.5 weeks

Brego squints at the flash 5.5 weeks

Bunny-hearts 5.5 weeks

Itsy 5.5 weeks

Jack 5.5 weeks

Peach 5.5 weeks

Peach tells Stacia to stop with the pictures! 5 weeks

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