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Frontier L litter- born February 1, 2008

In December,2007, Bea......

Bea and her ARC top 10 medallion

Bea (R) with daughter Annie (at 22 months)

was bred to:


shown at 2 years of age

and here at 8+ years old

This is a repeat breeding, the first we have ever done in 23 years in the breed.
Circumstances prohibited breeding Bea to the dog we had initially chosen, but then we decided that since we liked Bea and Bill's children so much the first time, that we would do that breeding again.
Scroll below the pedigree to see some photos of those "K" litter kids!

On February 1, 2008, 7 pups were born 5 girls and 2 boys

On February 20, 2008.... we sadly said goodbye to our dear, sweet, Bea. She had an aggressive and lightning fast growing bone cancer... She is GREATLY missed.

For those of you considering a puppy, I spoke to an oncologist who indicated that this would NOT increase the pup's odds of cancer above the breed average. Even so I am offering a 50% money back refund if any of them do in fact get cancer before 7 years of age.
The Rottweiler breed as a whole has a 70-80% chance of any cancer and a 1 in 8 chance of bone cancer. Our Frontier dogs we have produced have just a 20% cancer rate and a 1 in 12 rate of bone cancer.

To see photos of the babies as they grow go HERE

FLASH! On 2/13/2008 the entire litter passed a cardiologist auscultation of their hearts

To see a 3 page pictoral of Bea's life CLICK HERE Each page has 30+ slides so it may load slow on dial up.
Bea had a GREAT life !!!!!

Diane at Frontier


Frontier I Ask, Who's Next,  HICs, TT

OFA - RO60457G24M-T
Cardiac - RO-CA00675/21M/C-T CERF- RO4088
Elbows- (at 75 months) DJD Unilateral Left, Right clear
DNA Profiled



Ch Loral's Buffalo Bill, TT 


BIS/BISS Select Ch Jade Hagen Kodiac,  CDX, HIC Gold Sire       

Ch von Brader's Eiger
RO11086 Gold Sire
Leibs Kraus von Baker, CD
RO10234 Bronze Dam
Ch von Whelan's Belaire of
Tobant, CD, CGC, RTD
Ch Tobant's Grant
RO26385G24M-T Gold Sire
AKC/SKC Ch Tobant's Honey
Bun v Whelan

V Rated 
Frontier Cache Creek Cadence,


Banta's Ransom v Merkur 

V-1 Merkur vom Bayernland, SchH 3, AD HD- Gekort biz Eza
Ch Windrift's Diane Desirea
Shadowhaus' Classic Starr Ch Concord's Justin Bear 
Ch Midnight Magic v Shadowhaus 

U-CD B Mine vd Frolikind zu Frontier, CD, RE, TD, CGC, TT

OFA Hips RO-65856G24F-PI
OFA Elbows RO-EL5140F24-PI
OFA Cardiac RO-CA1663/14F/C-PI
CERF RO-4878

2005 ARC #16 Rally Excellent;
2006 ARC #5 Rally Excellent & #11 Rally Advanced AND Front & Finish #9 combined Rally Excellent & Advanced



V1 rated, Dutch CH. Ter Waele Posse, BH, IPO III, RST, E.S.Z. 7/15/1999
NHSB # 2.257.019
ED Frei
vWD clear
OFA RO-CA1483/51M/C-PI

Stephan von Kaisersteinbruch, Mil DH
HD Frei  

O-BJS'91 O-CH Filou von der Bleichstrasse, BH, AD, SchH 3 Gekort HD-
Yola von der Karl-Adolf-Ranch, Mil DH (Austria) HD-
Ter Waele Karma, AD, BH
ED Frei
Eyes Clear
Brando vom Hause Pronebner, SchH 3,
IPO 3, FH Gek. b EzA
Dutch CH Ter Waele Ducaat,
Froli vom Wahrener Eck, SchH 2, BH, AD, BST, OA, AXJ, VX
ARC 2002 #4 Novice Agility Jumpers, #7 Novice Agility Standard
ARC 2003 #8 Open Agility Jumpers, #9 Excellent Agility Jumpers
AKC#WP843481/01, ADRK#98100 12/3/1997, OFA RO-59197G24F-T, RO-EL3084-T, RO-CA493/17F/C-T, CERF German Import
INT/Lux/DT-VDH CH Dick vom Rhongeist SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III Gek. b. EzA
Pascha vom Hegestrauch, SchH 3, IPO III, FH, AD Gekort bis HD-
Asta vom Rhongeist, SchH 2, AD, BH
Gek. b. EzA
Alexa von der Zirbelnuss, SchH I , AD, BH, IPO 1, ZTP
INT/VDH-CH ES'89 Schwarz.S'90 Nemo vom Hegnenbacher Landl, SchH 3, FH, AD, BH, IPO 3 Gek. b. HD-
Bea vom Herzogsweg, SchH I, AD, BH,


The K litter kids
To see them as babies go HERE

Annie (Frontier Komotion RN) Annie has OFA excellent hips, Cardiologist cardiac clear by dopplar ECHO, Elbows normal, Eyes CERF clear, thyroid normal. Photo at 26 months old

Scooby (Frontier Kris Kringle) lives with FIVE small human girl kids and is a great family dog. Shown here at 1 year old

Murphy (Frontier Klown) lives with a new baby boy and is a well loved family member. Shown here at 1 year old

Emma (Frontier Kindred Spirit OFA cardiologist clear by Dopplar ECHO) lives with horses and another Rottweiler and her owner has an in home business so she sees many people. Emma is greatly loved! Shown at 21 months old.
Emma has the recessive wire coat gene (in slight form), which is not too common. Bea and Bill both carry this gene and this means that there is a small chance that there will be another slight wire in the L litter. This coat type often does not show up until after 5 months old. Recessive means that both parents have to carry it for it to appear, it does not mean "rare" or "more valuable".