I made it!

celebrate life

A trip into wonder land

Yes after years of saying I'd never own a computer. E-mail Ha!! and internet surfing-never
I made it ! what a trip.

Reach for it!

the world at your finger tips

Welcome to my 1st pages. Much has been added since my first 3 and I have ideas for many more.
My 1st three Thoughts,Pets and Faith, are my opinions and thoughts.

My cats also have their pages started.See their links at the bottom of the page, for a cats eye view of the world and the web.

If you need a laugh and cats wont do it~see Laughs a compilation of jokes gathered through e-mail. Yes you can send in your own!

All jokes are good clean jokes

If you have come here through an old link see ~ home ~ at the bottom of the page
this is a new page with all my pages listed in one place just for you!

Why webtv

A way to reach for the stars.
Its the thrill of your first Email.
Sending your first greeting.
No sales people shopping.
And continious learning!


Roses are red
web tv is black
It'll be worth your while
~~~to come back~~~

pop in often many changes comming

Wow my 1st award


photography-my photos used here

jewlery making

odds 'n' ends crafts


other interests

books sci-fi,horror,fantacy

tv/movies-comedy,sci-fi,horror,true life

word puzzles



If your a treker

addict links - just in case

star trek

speak klingon

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