Get an Intellectual Slave

You can get an intellectual slave, who'll help you do any brainy task you wish - at little or no cost!

For example, here are some things you can make the slave do:
Tutor you about math (any level, elementary school through graduate school)
Tutor you about English (reading, writing, speaking, listening, spelling, grammar, journalism, editing)
Tutor you about computers (Windows, Office, programming, etc.)
Tutor you to play the piano and digital keyboards
Help you finish your homework
Help you cram for school tests
Tutor you to score high on standardized tests (such as SAT) and certification exams
Edit your writing to make its ideas, structure, English, and style publishable
Translate your writing into English, Chinese, etc.
Improve your ability to speak languages (English, Chinese, French, etc.)
Improve your speaking style (for public speaking, teaching, and job interviews)
Improve your résumé to emphasize your best points correctly
Give you quick strategic therapy to help you get through a tough day or big hassle

Who's the slave?

Your slave will typically be Russ Walter. He's a certified teacher with an advanced degree from Harvard University, further training from many other universities, and 45 years of experience (as a math teacher, math researcher, computer professor, French trainer, English teacher, therapist, pianist, composer, nutrition researcher, magazine editor, book publisher, programmer, computer consultant, business consultant, and trainer of teachers). He wrote all 29 editions of The Secret Guide to Computers and most of Tricky Living; you can get those books at

For certain specialized topics (such as Chinese), your slave will be Donna Walter instead. She's a certified teacher with many years of experience as a teacher, translator, businesswoman, and consultant. She also wrote "Donna's comments" in Tricky Living.

How to communicate

Chat with the slave however you wish. You can meet the slave in person (at your home, your office, your classroom, or our studio), or chat with the slave electronically (by phone or e-mail), or swap documents with the slave by traditional mail (snail mail), or use any combo of those techniques!


Russ gives some help for free, as explained at The free help is usually restricted to short sessions (about 7 minutes each), though you can have many short sessions.

For $25, you can get a longer session (1 hour). You can use that session privately, or come as a group with your friends and split the $25 cost. If you use less than 1 hour, you can use the remaining minutes later: we'll keep track.

If you wish, take several sessions back-to-back, for an intellectual marathon.

Russ and Donna are in Manchester, New Hampshire. You can chat with them electronically (phone or e-mail) or in person (at our studio or your place). If you want them to come to your place and you're far from us, we might need to charge you for part of their transportation costs and time: ask us. If you don't want to pay for transportation, have them teach you by phone or e-mail instead.

Phone help is more efficient than e-mail. If you're in the US we'll pay for the phone call: we'll phone you, free.

How to make it all happen

Phone 603-666-6644 (day or night, we're usually in) or send an e-mail to Tell us what you want to learn, and we'll tell you how to accomplish your goal inexpensively or free.