"The Secret Guide to Computers"
and "Tricky Living"

This is the official Web page for 2 books:

  • "The Secret Guide to Computers" (which explains computers)
  • "Tricky Living" (which explains everything beyond computers)
    They give you secret fun!

    You can reach this Web page by typing "SecretFun.com"
    (or TrickyLiving.com, TrickyLiving.org, SecretGuide.org, or SecretGuideToComputers.com)

    We finished writing the 29th edition of "The Secret Guide to Computers" and the 1st edition of "Tricky Living". They're being edited. They'll come off the press at the beginning of July (or the end of June). You can order them now.

    "The Secret Guide to Computers" (by Russ Walter) covers 8 topics....

  • Buyer's guide: jargon, buying hardware & software, dealers
  • Operating systems: DOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Palm
  • Internet: ISPs, browsers, search engines, best sites, e-mail
  • Word processing: Microsoft Word, Works, WordPerfect
  • Fixes: how to make your computer run faster & better
  • Tricky applications: advanced MS Office, Web-page design, more
  • Programming: QBasic, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Java, C++, more
  • Management: computer industry's mistakes, future, and resources
    For this 29th edition, we've added a chapter (JavaScript), updated the software (to include Microsoft Office 2003, Works 7, and Mac OS X), updated the advice (on doing repairs and choosing hardware, software, and dealers), and redesigned the whole book (to make it more enjoyable).

    "Tricky Living" (by Russ&Donna Walter) covers 11 topics....

  • Health: blood chemistry, pills, diets, AIDS, cleaning, doctors
  • Daily survival: your home, lawn, snow, transportation, finances, career, crooks
  • Law: lawyers, judges, politicians, wars
  • Intellectual life: professors, philosophers, psychologists, scientists
  • Arts: Picasso's advice, music, movies, writing
  • American cultures: holidays, aging, regions, anthropologists
  • Foreign cultures: French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese
  • Morality: ethics, prejudice, evil, Christianity, Judaism
  • Sexuality: male-female relationships, prostitutes
  • Donna's comments: how America differs from China
  • Resources: index & coupons

    You can get free help on all those topics by phoning Russ in New Hampshire at 603-666-6644 (day or night, 24 hours, he's usually in).

    "The Secret Guide to Computers" (29th edition) lists for $17.50, but pay less by joining your friends:

  • 20% discount for 2 copies, so you pay just $14 each
  • 44% discount for 4 copies, so you pay just $9.80 each
  • 60% discount for 60 copies, so you pay just $7 each
    We've reduced prices on these classic editions (which explain classic computers): 28th edition (now $7), 27th edition (now $4), 26th edition (now $3)

    "Tricky Living" lists for $8.75, but pay less by joining your friends:

  • 20% discount for 2 copies, so you pay just $7 each
  • 44% discount for 4 copies, so you pay just $4.90 each
  • 60% discount for 60 copies, so you pay just $3.50 each

    We offer 3 shipping methods (the following shipping times can vary by 50% depending on location & season):

  • standard is free to the US (2 weeks), $3/book to other countries (9 weeks)
  • air is $3/book to the US ( week), $9/book to other countries (2 weeks)
  • UPS is $5 total (1 week); available just if you order at least 2 books (to 1 street address in the 48 original states or DC)

    We offer 4 ordering methods:

  • phone 603-666-6644 (24 hours, usually in) with your credit card
  • e-mail to russ@secretfun.com, giving your card #, date, street address
  • mail check, money order, or cash (any country) to
    The Secret Guide to Computers, 196 Tiffany Lane, Manchester NH 03104-4782
  • wire funds from your local Western Union or Moneygram office (in most countries) to
    Russell M. Walter at Manchester NH (then tell us you did)

    You can get a free brochure about us by e-mailing your street address to russ@secretfun.com

    You can get our books from resellers (who set their own prices but usually can't match our discounts).

    You can read parts of the 28th Secret Guide, free, by clicking here. We'll post parts of the 29th Secret Guide (and the 1st Tricky Living) when we finish editing them.