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  • the world's top-rated computer book
  • praised by the New York Times, CBS News, Wall Street Journal, PC Magazine, and PC World
  • rated #1 by colleges, computer clubs, and libraries worldwide
  • the only easy, fun, fast way to become a total computer expert

    It's huge and includes 5 training books in 1....
    Microsoft software: Windows up to XP, Office, Works, Visual programming
    Anti-Microsoft software: Mac, Linux, Palm, WordPerfect, FileMaker
    Internet: ISP selection, Web, secret sites, e-mail, HTML, FrontPage
    Hardware: components & systems, discounts, do-it-yourself repairs, tune-ups
    Humanity: industry mistakes, computer personality, careers, future

    The 28th edition of "The Secret Guide to Computers" is our best yet!
    It contains more than 20,000 improvements on the 27th edition. It includes much more about how to use Windows Me & XP, Microsoft Office XP, HTML, Visual Basic, Linux KDE, Palm, and many other topics.

    We include up-to-date advice about which computer equipment to buy and how to use & fix it. We include the results of the HP-Compaq merger, the eMachines rebates, NuTrend's Web-only ordering, Gateway's downfall, and Apple's eMac & revamped iMac. We analyze the new viruses: Snow White, Magistrate, Sircam, Nimda, and Klez.

    We've added new sections explaining Windows Media Player, CD burners, scanners, digital cameras, Google, other top Web sites, and msconfig. We include the newest versions of Windows, Microsoft Office, WordPerfect Office, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and Linux. Compared with the 27th edition, we include twice as much about search engines, 12 times as much about Visual Basic, and 23 times as much about HTML.

    You get all that plus more, packed into 639 big pages.

    The huge 28th edition is organized neatly into 8 sections
    Buyer's guide: overview, chips, disks, screens, printers, other hardware, software, IBM-compatibles, Apple
    Operating systems: modern Windows, classic Windows, MS-DOS, Mac OS, Linux, Palm OS
    Internet: browse the Web, e-mail, newsgroups
    Word processing: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, Q&A Write
    Tricky apps: spreadsheets, databases, graphics, desktop pub., Web-page design, accounting, personal, games, AI
    Fix your computer: maintenance, repairs, viruses
    Programming: QBasic, Visual Basic, other Basics, Pascal, C&C++, Java, Dbase&FoxPro, strange tongues, assembler
    Management: our past, your future, index, coupons

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    Thousands of reviewers worldwide have praised "The Secret Guide to Computers" for being the best computer book ever written. Here are links to sample reviews, unabridged at their own Websites:
    Christian Computing Magazine's review of the 28th edition
    Florida's Hometown News review of the 28th edition
    Texas Golden Triangle PC Club review of the 27th edition
    Epinion review of the 27th edition

    Free reading
    You can read, for free, some chapters from the 28th edition, plus more reviews (from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, PC World, etc.) and fan mail. Just click here.

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    Provocative Web sites (more are on pages 171-176 of 28th edition):

    jokes from rec.humor.funny.reruns newsgroup
    make President Bush do disco dancing
    change your astrological sign
    men are better than women (because men are reasonable)
    women are better than men (because men are disgusting)
    Museum of Menstruation
    plane tickets, driving directions, discount car rentals, travel tips
    phone numbers & addresses of your friends & enemies
    news headlines
    strangest news
    today's stock market surprises
    your favorite big companies and their financials
    the post office, its rates, its ZIP codes, correct addresses
    the Queen of England, her dogs, and the relatives who dog her
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