Contoocook Covered Bridge Restaurant & Lounge

Classy casual cuisine
Beautiful view: river, waterfall, covered bridge
Romantic, candlelight, friendly atmosphere
Simple or fancy, for all occasions


11:30AM - 9PM most days, 11:30AM - 8PM Sundays. Bar stays open later.
Closed Mondays and 4 holidays (Easter, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas).

Dine in or take out

You can call the restaurant (603-746-5191 during open hours)
or owner's cell phone (603-666-6644, 24 hours).

Gift certificates available
MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express accepted

9% NH meals tax not included
For parties of at least 8 dining in, 18% gratuity might be added

16 Cedar St. (First Floor), Contoocook NH 03229-3305


Disco sweet fries: crispy sweet-potato fries with groovy dipping sauce, 6.95
Stuffed potato skins: deep-fried potato cups baked with bacon and Jack & cheddar cheeses, served with scallions & sour cream, 6.95
Donna’s dumplings: 12 pork dumplings — choose "fried" (with Beijing ginger-garlic vinegar sauce) or "steamed" (with spicy Sichuan homestyle garlic red-oil sauce), 7.95
Chicken strips: crispy hand-breaded chicken-tender strips — choose “served with honey-mustard” or “tossed with Buffalo thriller sauce,” 8.95
Coconut chicken: chicken tenders, dredged in beer batter & coconut, deep-fried, served with curry-honey mustard, medium 5.95, large 9.50
Garlic chicken nachos: corn chips, seasoned chicken, Jack & cheddar cheeses, bean dip, jalapeños, black olives, garlic-cilantro dressing, salsa, and sour cream, medium 8.75, large 12.50


French onion gratiné: cup of French onion soup baked with Parmesan & Swiss cheeses, 4.75
Chicken curry: spiced chicken & sweet coconut, in curry soup, cup 4.50, bowl 4.95
Soup du jour: creative seasonal soups, cup 4.50, bowl 4.95
Soup combo: for any of those soups, add a garden salad or small Caesar salad or
half sandwich (California turkey, Rachel, Reuben, or BLT), add 3.75


Japanese steak salad: we start with a big garden salad then add Japanese-slaw dressing, grilled teriyaki steak, toasted sesame seeds, scallions, and crispy wonton strips, 12.95
Scallop bistro salad: seared scallops, grilled broccoli, and roasted garlic, tossed with seasonal greens & vegetables, served with balsamic-vinaigrette dressing, 15.50
Contoocook salad builder: start with a big garden salad or big Caesar salad (5.95). Choose your outstanding dressing (mostly freshly made in our kitchen):
Italian, Caesar, 1000 Island, ranch, bleu cheese, creamy feta, honey mustard, or balsamic vinaigrette. Then add your favorites:
black olives .50, Jack & cheddar 1.50, bacon 1.75, artichoke hearts 2.50, grilled broccoli 2.50
ground beef 3.25, smoked turkey 3.50, grilled chicken 3.75, crispy chicken 3.75, seasoned steak 4.50, jerk shrimp 5.95, seared scallops 6.95


Served with your choice of garden salad or soup du jour cup, plus your choice of rice pilaf, hand-cut fries, chef’s veggies, coleslaw, or (after 4PM) baked potato
Chicken-strips dinner: chicken-tender strips — choose "grilled" or "crispy breaded," and choose “served with honey-mustard” or “tossed with Buffalo thriller sauce,” 13.50
Black & bleu chicken: grilled chicken tenders with blackened Cajun spices, bleu cheese, bacon, and scallions, 14.50
Chicken Caprese: grilled seasoned chicken tenders, glazed with balsamic vinaigrette,
stuffed with Italy's Capri island style showing Italian flag colors (green basil, white mozzarella, and red tomatoes),
topped with balsamic reduction, then baked, 15.50
Black & bleu sirloin tips*: grilled sirloin tips with blackened Cajun spices, bleu cheese, bacon, and scallions, 16.95
Top sirloin*: grilled 12-ounce house-cut top sirloin, topped with a light herb butter, 17.50
Lemon-vinaigrette salmon: grilled Chilean salmon, drizzled with a sweet & tangy charred-lemon vinaigrette, 17.50
Seafood classics: wild haddock ($15.50) or sea scallops ($19.95) — choose baked (with butter, white wine, and breadcrumb topping) or deep-fried (golden brown)


Served with garlic bread, plus your choice of garden salad or soup du jour cup
Mediterranean pasta: our cavatappi pasta tossed with artichokes, feta cheese, olives, scallions, and tomatoes, in a lemon white-wine sauce with fresh pesto, 11.95
You can add grilled chicken 3.75
Chicken Parmesan: crispy breaded chicken tenders baked with cheeses, on linguine, with roasted-tomato marinara sauce, 13.95
Chicken cordon bleu mac & cheese: our fusion of Italian, French, and American styles includes diced crispy chicken, ham, and cavatappi pasta,
tossed in a cheese sauce, baked with a light crumb topping, 15.50
Chicken broccoli Alfredo: grilled chicken tenders, broccoli, and Alfredo sauce, tossed with linguine, 15.75


Quesadilla: grilled flour tortilla stuffed with Jack & cheddar cheeses, diced tomatoes, and scallions, served with sides of jalapeños, black olives, shredded lettuce, salsa, and sour cream, 7.75
You can add ground beef 3.25, grilled chicken 3.75, seasoned steak 4.50
Asian emperor tacos: 3 soft flour tortillas filled with grilled haddock, Japanese slaw, crispy wontons, scallions, shredded lettuce, and coconut sauce, served with rice flavored with Asian sauce, 11.75
Steak & chicken chimichanga: flour tortilla stuffed with blackened steak & chicken, Jack & cheddar cheese, and bean dip, deep-fried, served with black olives, diced tomato, corn chips, salsa, and sour cream, 13.50
Orange chicken: crispy chicken, peppers, broccoli, sweet tangy orange sauce, and rice pilaf — served with your choice of garden salad or soup du jour cup, 13.95


Served on a toasted brioche bun with hand-cut fries
Ring burger*: beef burger topped with onion rings, barbecue sauce, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, and tomato, 8.95
Black & bleu burger*: beef burger with blackened Cajun spice, bleu cheese, bacon, scallion, lettuce, tomato, and onion, 8.95
Holy-cow burger*: beef burger topped with shaved steak (12 ounces total of beef) plus American cheese, 11.95
Imagination burger*: start with ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and onion (6.95). Then add imaginative toppings:
grilled mushrooms .50, grilled peppers .50, caramelized onions .50, roasted garlic .50, jalapeños .50, American cheese .50, Swiss cheese .75, Jack & cheddar cheeses 1.50, bacon 1.75, extra burger patty 3.95


Served with your choice of hand-cut fries or coleslaw
California turkey: turkey, bacon, guacamole, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and spicy honey mustard, on toasted multi-grain, 7.95
Reuben: grilled corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing, on rye 7.95
BLT: lots of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, on toasted bread — choose rye, multi-grain, white, or bun, 7.95
Chicken Caesar wrap: grilled chicken tenders, romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, crushed croutons, and Caesar dressing, 7.95
Killer Chopper: crispy chicken strips, Buffalo Thriller sauce, bleu cheese, scallions, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo, in a wrap, 8.95
Shaved steak: finely sliced grilled steak, red peppers, scallions, and American cheese, on garlic-butter crusted French bread, 8.95
Captain’s fishwich: fried haddock on a bun, with lettuce, tomato, and our own freshly made tartar sauce, 8.95


Served with carrot sticks & celery

1 pound for 7.95
2 pounds for 14.50

Choose one sauce —
Buffalo (medium heat)
Bee sting (mild, sweet & stingy)
Cajun garlic (ragin’ buttery garlicky-ness)
Chipotle red oil (Mexican-Asian spice, medium heat)
Dick's (tangy-smoky soy-sauce marinade)
Hawaiian (pineapple BBQ)

or a dry rub —
Jerk (Caribbean spices with a kick)
Ranch (tangy & powerful)

or Naked (skin is crispy, since no sauce, no dry rub)


Guacamole: 1.75
Coleslaw: 2.50
Rice pilaf: 2.75
Baked potato (after 4PM): 2.95
Chef’s veggies: 3.50
Broccoli (choose grilled or steamed): 3.95
Garden salad: 3.95
Caesar salad: 3.95
Large hand-cut fries: 4.50
Large onion rings: 5.95


Coffee: traditional or decaf, 1.95
Tea: hot or iced, 1.95
Hot cocoa: 2.25
Soda: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, ginger ale, root beer, or lemonade, 2.25
Milk: reduced-fat, 2.50
Juice: apple, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, or cranberry, 2.95
Beers, wines, mixed drinks, full bar: ask server

Kid’s Menu

Kid-size drink: juice, milk, or soda, 1.50
Crispy chicken strips: 3 crispy chicken-tender strips with honey mustard — choose rice pilaf or hand-cut fries, 4.75
Kid’s pasta: cavatappi pasta topped with Parmesan cheese — choose roasted-tomato marinara sauce or butter (or, for 2.95 extra, choose our excellent house-made cheese sauce or Alfredo sauce), 4.75
Grilled cheese sandwich: with pickles — choose rice pilaf or hand-cut fries, 4.95
Kid’s burger: 4-ounce burger, with pickles — choose rice pilaf or hand-cut fries, 4.95


Carrot cake: hop to it, unleash you inner rabbit, with cream-cheese icing, 4.50
Cheesecake: creamy vanilla heaven with graham-cracker crust, served with strawberries, 4.95

*For beef, choose well-done, medium-well, medium, or medium-rare (but choosing undercooked meat might increase your risk of foodborne illness)