BurgerWow was a high-quality fast-food outlet in the food court of the biggest mall in Manchester, New Hampshire.

BurgerWow opened on July 27, 2009. It was famous for high-quality burgers, chicken, salads, wraps, tacos, dumplings, and beyond. Many customers said BurgerWow served the best fast food in New Hampshire. It closed on August 30, 2010, because the mall had high rent but low traffic.

Beyond BurgerWow

BurgerWow was owned by Donna Walter. For even higher quality food -- and greater variety -- visit her other restaurant: the Contoocook Covered Bridge Restaurant, in Contoocook (which is part of Hopkinton, which is next to Concord NH). It's a family restaurant serving international cuisines while overlooking a waterfall and covered bridge. Details about it are here.


If you have questions about BurgerWow, phone 603-666-6644 (or 603-512-6638), day or night, to chat with Donna or her husband, Russ.

Donna's e-mail address is Donna@BurgerWow.com.