The Schwinn Moab 1!
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The Schwinn Moab 1!

Welcome This is my page about the Schwinn Moab1, a great competition Mountain Bike, I should know, I just bought one! The Moab1 is the highest cro-mo frame mountain bike on the Schwinn line, boasting a light frame with a nice resilient feel. It comes fully spec'd with race-ready Shimano LX components, and XT derailers. A dependable Rock Shox Indy XC suspension fork and powerful V-brakes grace the front end. When it comes to climbing you'll appreciate the solid rear triangle combined with Scott clipless pedals and bar ends. On rocky,technical descents the Indy fork doesn't dissapoint, sporting 63mm of travel it's hard to beat. So if you're looking to step up from an entry level model to a real racer, keep the Schwinn Moab1 in mind. Also below are some links to other race-worthy companies. Happy trails.

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