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Maine Adoption Reunion Registry

Maine Adoption Reunion Registry

MBARCASCME is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to informing, educating and supporting those touched by adoption. Adoption Search Consultants of Maine was formed over 16 years ago by Mina Bicknell, birth mother, and a group of former members of Orphan Voyage. Mina's hardwork and commitment inspired the organization for many years. After her death in 1993, the organization was renamed in her honor. ASCME now functions as the search component of MBARC.

Original Birth Certificates for Maine (OBC for ME), is a grassroots group of Maine adoptees, parents of origin and adoptive parents. OBC for ME succeeded in its initial mission to pass legislation (LD 1084 /PL 409) granting adult adoptees access to their OBC upon request, while empowering parents of origin the choice to indicate whether or not they wish to be contacted. This basic human/civil right has been restored to all Maine-born adoptees, just as all non-adopted Maine-born citizens have always had, for the same fee and without parental permission. Our NEW mission is (1) to help Maine Vital Records with the implementation process, (2) to invite the public and private adoption related agencies in Maine to join us in increasing the number of adoption triad support groups in Maine and (3) to publicize this historic event around the world via all forms of media, over the 18 months prior to January 1, 2009, the effective date of PL 409.

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    Maine has a mutual consent registry maintained by the State Registrar of Vital Statistics to facilitate contact between adoptees (age 18), adoptive parents of adoptees under age 18, and birth parents. For registry information, contact: Maine State Adoption Reunion Registry, Division of Vital Records, 221 State Street, Augusta, Maine 04333. Telephone: (207)287-3181.

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