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"My Sister" By Darrell Greenfield

"My Sister"

I saw a stranger the other day
crossed my path, walked the other way...

A familiar face I've seen before
I see this person everyday when I open the
bathroom door.

I look in the mirror and I see their smile
I see their eyes and hear their laugh
but only for a little while....

In my mind I know this person
And my brothers have seen them before, I'm not the only one

I've been told I knew this person for 24 years
But that day, the first day, they brought me to tears

I have a love for them as if they were family
but can't be, they ain't kin to me

So tomorrow I'll reach, and give them a hug
Maybe to hold them I'll know they are blood

To be told so long, "You have a sister"
But how could that be, I've never met her

A sister's like a brother
You have them there to love and bother

To know, but not know this person all my life
And have them throwin in the mix causes some strife

Emotional confusion I've never had
To be so happy at the same time sad

All these emotions just isn't fair
To tear you apart they wouldn't dare

No one knew it wasn't right
I'm sure the choice was made one lonely sorrowful night

I can't be mad the choice wasn't mine
But if I had the option I'd travel in time

I'd convince the person to make a different choice
Loud and clear, in a small stern voice.....

"Thats my sister, my family, my blood,
Leave her here with me to love and to hold,
To bother, and talk to, but mostly to hug....."

By, Darrell Greenfield