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hello welcome to the new and improved web site for you plesure. . . . we curently have incorperatied some things on warhammer 40 000 . . . but our latest reveiw is on:MECHWARIOR 4: VENGEANCE . . our speculation on this game is as follows . pros: it is uterly beautiful its graphics engine couldent have been beter. now their is even a theird person veiw to get the real angles on your enimies and with great explotins, missile tails and colours. the visuals for effects such as gauss oifle blasts and mech explotions will make your eyes wonder for more . cons:yet the game is hampered by changes that will annoy of out right alinete battle mech fans. . dark finale while the singele player options arent as great. its the multiplayer that pushes it in to the recomended level. in retrospect of the entier series it has a diferent feel that may alienate hardcore, old school battletech fans . . .
. we say here at vidio game clasic "allways stay in school!" . . . . our warhammer pics are coming but curenty we have some specs on certen units . terminator . WS BS S T W I A LD SV 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 2+ . SV= SAVING THROW thrown on die . . . here is my favoret unit the DREADNOUGHT Forged in the minds of mad men the Dreadnought is conciderd the resting place for the ancent space marien vetriens . . here is some facts about BIKES . attack bikes carry two crew and usualy mount a heavy wepon on the side car or simmilar arangement . . thanks for reading i will try to get the pictures tonight . . . . . . last updated on Counter 02/20/01

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