Would you like to show a cat in the Fancy?

-------If you have thought about it, this is our suggestion page for how to go about it. Do not jump right in, do a little research first!

----->1. Go to several Cat shows in your area, preferably sponsored by different Federations that are active in your area. Note the classes being showing in these federations. Does it fit your needs? If you wish to show a Household Pet, not all federations are active in this category!

----->2. Ask a lot of questions! Most of the exhibitors at these shows are very friendly and will answer any questions you may have. Buy a show book for the show. Many times you will find a great deal of good information. In our area, many of the CFF show books contain information necessary to get started. This includes registration, cage curtain information, class information, etc.

----->3. If you like what you see and you only wish to show a Household Pet, go no further. Contact the Federation and get all of the forms and information you will need to continue. In our area, CFF, CFA, and AACE have interesting web sites with some additional information.

----->4. If you are just starting out and wish to show a specific breed, you will have to find a show cat. Most breeders will not sell or deal for a whole show quality animal to a new exhibitor. In their eyes, if you give up after a few shows, they wasted a good cat. They can often be coaxed into selling you an Altered animal to show in that class to get you started. They may also set you up with a kitten to show instead. Be aware, that the contracts are generally setup so that the animal CANNOT BE USED FOR BREEDING. There is usually an Alter clause in the contract and the registration is set up so that you could never register any illegal offspring.

----->5. After you have proven your desire to show and have made friends in your Federation family, you will find it easier to purchase a whole animal to show and it will be easier to make deals for better quality animals.

---------->a. Show Quality: This is a tough one. Show quality is often subjective at best, subject to the times, whims, etc. When you acquire your Federations Breed Standard, the best Show Quality Cat will most nearly follow the standard to the Letter! The closer to the exact standard, the better the animal. Since most cats do not fully develope until 2 years of age or so, selecting a high show quality animal as a kitten is at best nearly impossible although good breeding lines will help the cause! Select the breed that you like and make the commitment.

---------->b. While it is best to look in person, the Web is a fountain of information on the different cat breeds available. Look around to help you in your selection if you decide to go this route. The most commonly shown breeds are Persians, Himilayans, Siamese, Maine Coons, Abyssinians, American & British Shorthairs, Folds, and many others.

----->6. Get your show supplies! Show curtains, litter tray for the cage, grooming aids, food, water dish, your cat pictures to show others, and a show bag to carry all this stuff in. A carrier to fit your animal comfortably for the trip to the show and a small portable luggage cart will be very useful.

-----7. Pay your entry fee, pack up your showbag, your cat, get to the show at benching time ( very important ), setup your cage, and ENJOY!

----------> We hope to see you there!

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