News Scorces:

Matt Drudge
Enter Stage Right
Ether Zone
Free Republic
Lew Rockwell
The Sierra Times
World Magazine

Political Sites:

** Devvy Kidd **
Give Me Liberty...Tax Reform for America
The American Cause
Mike New
Joseph Sobran

Home Schooling Sites:

** Home Ed. Central **
ABC Teach: Printable forms
NH Home Schooling A-Z
Christian Home Educators of NH
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
Hampshire Alliance for Home Education
New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition
New Hampshire Home Education Guidebook
New Hampshire Education Code For Homeschooling
WeAre Home Educator

Talk Radio Sites:

Art Bell
Chuck Baldwin
David Gold
Chuck Morse
Dr. Laura

Other Great Sites:

Natural, Alternative Therapies for all Diseases and Special Facts about Cancer and AIDS-Dr. Lorraine Day

International Coalition for Drug Awareness

Dr. Peter Breggin on ADHD/ADD and Prozac

ADHD Fraud: The official website of Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD (Neurologist, Pediatric Neurology)

Prozac Truth: the untold story

Antidepressants Facts

American Gulf War Association-Gulf War Syndrome information and more...

Tetrahedron Publishing Group...Vaccine Awareness...

Stephen Abbott Communications, a public relations and political consulting firm.

Second Amendment:

Second Amendment Committee

Second Amendment Law Library

Second Amendment Sisters